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Does Aries live in the past, present or future?

Does Aries live in the past, present or future?

Aries does not dwell in the past, that’s for sure, but do they spend most of their time living in the present or projecting forward into the future? While Aries is a pioneer and has big ambitions for the future, they do not spend much of their time projecting forward. If they did they would be keener on seeing projects through than their reputation suggests. Aries is an adventurer and an initiator who is not known for sticking around to see the job finished. As soon as a course of action loses its excitement and sense of urgency the Ram hands it over to a different type of Zodiac personality.

Aries is very much focussed on the present as befits an impulsive sign, who is into immediate gratification. Hanging around, waiting for that long term payoff is not for Aries! Life is too short for that and there are far too many interesting distractions around to catch the Ram’s attention. Aries’ keen interest in exploring new horizons is one of the reasons why the Ram can happily turn their back on a course of action that is just about to pay off and abandon it for something totally different (thereby allowing an observant Taurus or Capricorn to do profit for taking things to the next level).

Living in the present can also cause the Aries to act without thinking and alienate those whose support they seek. There are, however, plenty of advantages to living in the present – you are unlikely to find an Aries who dreads the future or is eaten up with regret over a lost love for example!

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