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Aquarius Detox – How Aquarius Deals With Toxic People & Situations

How Do The Different Star Signs Deal With Toxic People & Situations?

Toxic situations and people are the last thing that any of us would wish for. We all know that it is extremely unhealthy to keep such people and situations in our lives yet many of us do for far too long. How each of us handles these trying times speaks volumes and much of our response correlates with the sun signs that we are born under. While some signs are able to gently swat toxic people away, others tend to cling to them in spite of the repercussions. Take a look and see where you may fall and how you can better deal with unhealthy occurrences.

How The Air Signs Deal With Toxic People & Situations

The air signs of Gemini, Aquarius and Libra are most susceptible to being in and remaining in toxic relationships and situations because they are the least rooted in reality members of the Zodiac and will go to great lengths to ignore the cruelty that is going on around them. Often off base with the physical – they prefer to live in their heads, they are the signs of denial and will do their best to ignore painful instances rather than face them head-on.

How Aquarius Deals With Toxic People & Situations

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are unique and they spend a lot of time in “la-la” land preferring not to be confined by the practical aspects of life. This sign is free thinking to a fault and so unconcerned about virtually everything that they run a high risk of being involved in toxic relationships. In fact they are probably more likely than any other sign to get themselves saddled with a toxic person. Surprising, eh? These are the explorers of the Zodiac, always looking for something new, quirky, undiscovered and unchartered and they find their fellow humans both endlessly fascinatinating and worth exploring further. Most risky, when it comes to getting involved with toxic folk, though is their incessant need to belong or believe in something, and because people gravitate to their kind and gentle nature, the Aquarius has a lot of “friends” and even more acquaintances. They are happy to be in all places at all times and are rarely concerned with details. As long as it is fun, they are all in.

The Aquarian will run the gamut of extremes, pushing boundaries, hot buttons and people to the brink with their crazy ideas and off the wall tactics, yet not noticing when someone is getting the better of them. These antics can take them to places of extreme happiness and joy but things can change in an instant and they may find that they are on a highway to hell both figuratively and literally. Humanitarian and compassionate, they are able to excuse some of the most extreme behavior from themselves and others because they are attracted to whatever isn’t the norm; therefore those who have ill intentions can often get close to this sign and strike without the Aquarius being fully aware of the toxic situation that they have gotten themselves into.


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