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My twelve astro-coaching books target your Sun Sign specifically. This inspires you to truly realise your potential and become the person you are meant to be.

Most astrologers regard the Sun Sign as the key that unlocks the gateway to your personal fulfilment. It unveils your character, attributes, talents and strengths. Once you develop them fully they will give you the feeling of having discovered who you really are.

Realise these Sun Sign Strengths and you may be able to answer that most vital question – ‘why am I here?’

Finding the ways to develop your Sun Sign’s strengths and expressing them encourages you to lead a happier, more fulfilled life. This applies to all of us including those of you who feel you aren’t at ease with what your Sun Sign is, or others who gleefully sit there and point out that you’re nothing like it.

Your Sun Sign is what you could and should be if you want to have a life that feels right to you. Socrates said ‘know yourself’. That’s the objective of this blog and the astro-coaching books which add the necessary detail and encourage you to become who you are truly meant to be.

If you lead a life where you cannot express your Sun Sign’s Strengths you will feel uncomfortable, unhappy and restricted. As you are thwarted from who you should be you’ll express your Sun Sign weaknesses. So for example: A Leo with no opportunities to be centre stage may become a vainglorious braggart who steals the credit for the achievements of others. To take another example: Aries is a natural when it comes to presenting, so if an Aries who works in an environment where there is the opportunity to present and if Aries does not get the opportunity to present, s/he’s likely to undermine those who do that opportunity.

Talents and potential already reside within you and you need to understand and express them. Think of the fully perfected you as a photograph that needs to be developed. Use the techniques in the astro-coaching books that relate to your star sign and the additional ones that are being presented in this blog and you’ll have everything you need to become who you are meant to be.

It’s easier to develop the skills that align with your Sun Sign than skills that are at odds with it. Aries will find developing presentation skills easier than mastering negotiating techniques. Aries may find that he or she needs to develop negotiating skills but will probably find developing them less pleasurable than developing presentation skills. They may also find that it is harder to motivate themselves to develop skills that are at odd with their Aries sun sign personalty.

Appreciate who you are and who you are meant to become. These books will empower you to cut through illusion and the expectation of others, so that you learn and develop in accordance with your Star Sign’s Strengths.

“You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.
You have wings
Learn to use them, and fly.”

-Mevlana Jelalu’ddin Rumi


To find out more and get a free sample of each book click on the links below:


AstroCoaching for Aries – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential

AstroCoaching for Taurus – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential

AstroCoaching for Gemini – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential

AstroCoaching for Cancer – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential

AstroCoaching for Leo – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential

AstroCoaching for Virgo – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential

AstroCoaching for Libra – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential

AstroCoaching for Scorpio – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential

AstroCoaching for Sagittarius – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential

AstroCoaching for Capricorn – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential

AstroCoaching for Aquarius – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential

AstroCoaching for Pisces – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential

As I cannot fit all twelve covers into this post I have only uploaded one, so that you can see what the ebook covers look like.

The books are available from Amazon’s Kindle Store and other venues

Other books currently in print are Cosmic Coaching – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential and its US sister Your Star Sign Life Coach both of which are available from Amazon – neither of these books is available as an e-book.

About The Author

Who is the Egoless Author and why should you care?

Because they know their stuff and everything they write is about you, about your Sun sign and how you can understand all that you need to know about it.

Know yourself as Socrates said, right? If you don’t know yourself and what you want, how can you possibly be expected to get it?

Your Sun sign is about eighty percent of your astrological profile. So if you can master your understanding of this and take the appropriate action to obtain your desires, only you know what you can achieve.

Given this knowledge and how you apply it, you really can write the narrative of your own life. Work out your strengths and how to really maximise them. Understand your weaknesses and determine how to transform them into strengths. Make your perceived weakest link your strongest. Rewrite your past history and reshape your memories into things that are positive and empowering, so that everything really works out for you.

Create a powerful, motivational self-fulfilling prophecy that encourages you to move forward, shaping events as opposed to being their slave, getting what you want instead of accepting what others think you should be content with.

This site and these books are about you, not about the Egoless Author. The only ‘writer’s voice’ you will hear is the one that informs, entertains and encourages you. Check out the blog, work out if the Egoless Author is the person who can inspire you to do all this.

There’s no catch, no commitment, no cost.

It’s now time to write your own script and act out the drama of your own life, not ones that you previously thought had been chosen for you. Predestination is passe and karma is callow, right?

If you feel that this can spur you to think, strategize and act, then follow the blog, buy the books and take action. Become your best, who you really want to be. Nobody else will do it for you.

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