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A Brief Guide To The Libra, Scorpio And Sagittarius Star Sign Parent

Libra Star Sign Parent

The Libra star sign parent is will be fair and affectionate. (S)he may even be too permissive and spoil the children due to the Libran tendency to like a quiet life. This parent will probably go out of the way to make sure that they are the favourite parent.

Libra as parent likes to be proud of his/her offspring and will ensure that they get the possible education. The children will also be tastefully (to Libra’s eyes, anyway) dressed.

Scorpio Star Sign Parent

The Scorpio star sign parent cares passionately about their offspring and is likely to remain friends with them once they reach adulthood. The Scorpio parent will demand high standards and will find it difficult to see their child’s point of view.

The child of a Scorpio can look forward to being kept stimulated and occupied. They can also look forward to plenty of trips out.
While Scorpio can criticise their offspring they’ll not permit anyone else to do so!

Sagittarius Star Sign Parent

The Sagittarius star sign parent is likely to encourage children to play and explore and is eager to join them in doing this. This is not a parent that mollycoddles their offspring. The Sagittarian has complete faith in their children and, as a result of this, may expect too much of their offspring. It is one thing to expect your child to behave themselves but quite another to expect them to be the next Einstein!

Sagittarius, as befits a sign that dislikes too much responsibility, will encourage the children to leave home once they are grown-ups.

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