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A Brief Guide To Capricorn, Aquarius And Pisces Star Sign Children

Capricorn Star Sign Children

Capricorn star sign children are really mini-adults. (S)he prefers adult company and is focused, determined and even-tempered. Capricorn appreciates security, plans for the future and expects all activities to be of practical use. This child is not keen on sports, play or other children. Schoolwork is tackled with gusto.

Aquarius Star Sign Children

Aquarius star sign children are intelligent and totally unpredictable! (S)he tends to be absent minded and has an eclectic collection of friends who stimulate the imagination. Discrimination and judgement are no friends of this child.
The Aquarian child needs plenty of opportunity to make discoveries and to develop imagination. (S)he cannot bear to be stifled or smothered.
A peaceful and calm environment is essential as this child is very sensitive to underlying tensions. (S)he needs to be encouraged to slow-down and order thought processes in order to capitalise on creativity rather than getting into a mental muddle. This child needs love, understanding, encouragement, listening, encouragement and friendship.

Pisces Star Sign Children

Pisces star sign children have an amazing imagination and lives in a world of make believe. This ethereal theme is carried through into the physical make-up of this youngster as they are cute with a capital C. This endearing, tolerant youngster tends to find other children a bit disconcerting and prefers to work its magic on adults. There is a need to protect young Pisces from bullies and to teach the Piscean to be less clingy.
Young Pisces needs to be taught how to see which ideas are workable without losing their power of imagination. The Piscean also needs to learn to be less trusting without losing their compassionate nature.

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