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A Brief Guide To Aries, Taurus And Gemini Star Sign Health

Aries Star Sign Health

Most Aries are extremely healthy and fight off infection effectively. This is a Sign that can stave off infection through sheer will power. When ill, Aries expects constant attention and plenty of TLC.
Vulnerable areas are the head, sinuses, eyes and ears. Aries are prone to accidents and due to their fiery, highly strung natures, fevers. Health problems can occur if Aries is rejected or thwarted.
Aries relaxes by throwing him- or her self into a new project or indulging in competitive sports.

Taurus Star Sign Health

Taurus is normally a physically robust individual though (s)he can be a be a tad overweight. The only real health concerns that a Taurean might have are a tendency towards depression if they have keeping feelings of resentment bottled up for too long.
Infections of the throat and constipation can be linked to Taurus. All infections, accidents and misfortunes are born with stoicism and a attitude that oozes determination. The Taurean is determined to get better!
Taureans tend to relax by pottering about in the garden, singing, eating and listening music.

Gemini Star sign Health

Gemanians are usually healthy unless feeling restricted or placed under stress. They can suffer from chest and lung complaints, plus bad temper if people ask how they are! The poorly Gemini will resolutely ignore the condition that has laid them low and they will expect you to do the same. Treat the condition by all means just don’t talk about it. Bring them a good book, newspapers, magazines and the latest gossip instead!
To unwind Gemini tends to like chatting, coming up with new ideas, communicating and playing sports that require good hand-eye coordination.

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