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12 Star Sign Steps To Career Heaven

12 Steps To Career Heaven

Astrology provides a great 12-step programme to a better life. One fun way to revise your work strategy is to learn more about all the signs. By learning to play a different sign once in a while you can achieve greater success. If, for example, you are an impulsive Aries or a diffident Piscean you will think about things in a different way from a placid and forward-looking Taurean or an intensely determined Scorpio. Yet you can all learn essential life skills from one another – Aries, for example, might benefit from learning some of Libra’s diplomatic skills; while Libra might benefit  from adopting some of Aries’ impulsive dynamism when a decision just has to be made!

So with this in mind let’s look at what we can adopt from other signs to help us get a well-deserved pay-rise!

1. The Aries Step

Learn to think like an entrepreneur and discover what the company needs that only you can offer. Establish what it’s worth to them. How much would it cost your company to replace you?

Can you make yourself valuable by developing or suggesting a new revenue source for your company?

Work on developing the assertiveness needed to ask for a rise.

Famous Aries: Sir Elton John (Mar 25), Victoria Beckham (May 2)

2. The Taurus Step

Remember that stubbornness and inflexibility can slow your progress up the ladder of success but don’t lose your ability to focus on what really matters. See projects and tasks through to the end.

Indulge in a spot of forward planning and plant seeds for your raise well in advance of asking for it.

Famous Taureans: Penelope Cruz (April 28), David Beckham (May 6)

3. The Gemini Step

Sharpen up those networking and communication skills. Make sure that the people who can further your career, know who you are and where they can find you. If possible be mentored from several layers up. Don’t assume that because you do such a great job that anyone several layers up even knows your name. It’s probable that your boss is getting much of the credit due you, anyway.

One of the best ways to get a raise, promotion or to get ahead is to find a way to meet, get to know and ultimately be mentored by a senior individual at the firm. Don’t be bashful — remember, this person will look better to their boss every time they “discover and groom” talent from the ranks. If you’re a great employee with special skills or leadership abilities, you’re doing this higher-up individual a favour by getting to know them.

Famous Geminians: Bob Dylan (May 24), Kylie Minogue (May 28)

4. The Cancer Step

Develop the nurturing skills required to bring out the best in your colleagues.

Learn to manage up. Your boss really does want help in doing their job more effectively and often it’s YOU who can see how to do this.
Don’t assume that your boss can see everything in this area — they are probably so busy that they would welcome your input on becoming more effective, at least in how they manage you. Remember to phrase your observations carefully!

Famous Cancerians: George Michael (June 25), Princess Diana (Jul 1)

5. The Leo Step

Command respect/be respected. Know your values, know your worth, act with integrity and become someone whom others come to respect and do things for.

Use your creative skills (and sense of what turns others on) to substantially improve your company’s reputation.

Keep reinventing yourself. Think of Madonna’s longevity and ability to adapt to a constantly changing market.

Famous Leos: Jennifer Lopez (July 24), Madonna (Aug 16)

6. The Virgo Step

Develop the courage to take calculated risks.

Use your analytical skills to translate achievements into figures and quantify your contribution to the bottom line, building a stronger case for an increase. After all your increase is a small cost for saving 10% of the budget or increasing revenue by £20K.

Virgo is regarded as the zodiac’s accountant, so you might look at ways of saving the company money. Remember to document your contribution to any cost-cutting exercise!

Take on more responsibility and become known as the person who gets things done. Being tenacious and committed to reaching results is key to getting a raise, given that not many employees can cut through the red tape or personalities in a company to be consistently productive and effective. Master this skill and you will get ahead.

Famous Virgos: Claudia Schiffer (Aug 25), Cameron Diaz (Aug 30)

7. The Libra Step

Sharpen up those decision-making and negotiating skills. Make giving you a rise a win-win situation. OK, you are going to get more money. What does your boss get? Offer to take on new responsibilities. What is making your boss crazy? Can you alleviate the distress in some way?

Don’t forget to arm the boss with justification for giving you the increase in case s/he is called upon to get second level approval or to defend his/her actions.

Famous Librans: Michael Douglas (Sep 25), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Sep 25)

8. The Scorpio Step

Intensity of purpose doesn’t have to mean tunnel vision. Know what you want but know that there is always more than one way to get it.
Hone your political skills in order to further your career and guard against hidden enemies.

Do some detective work to establish how much you are worth/the market value for your services. Identify companies who will pay you this amount or more and how to approach them. What can you offer that they need?

Famous Scorpios: Hilary Clinton (Oct 26), Bill Gates (Oct 28)

9. The Sagittarius Step

Know how and when it’s ok to take risks. Be prepared to walk, if necessary. Don’t threaten to leave if you don’t get what you want and don’t hold another offer over the company’s head but attitude is everything. If you walk in confident that you can land another position for the salary you are seeking, your self-assurance will create a more positive outcome than coming in feeling you need a raise but are trapped in your present position.

If you don’t get the compensation you deserve, look elsewhere.

Remember, also, to keep your professional skills updated.

Famous Sagittarians: Gianni Versace (Dec 2), Brittany Spears (Dec 2)

10. The Capricorn Step

Climb the ladder of success without losing the joy of life. No point in burning yourself out is there?

Famous Capricorns: Ricky Martin (Dec 24), Jude Law (Dec 29)

11. The Aquarius Step

Know when to toe the line and when to be different. Solve a big (real or potential) problem that the company has. It’s normal that management is focused on reaching current goals and problems, so much so that they may be blind to an emerging problem or even a prevailing one. As a valued employee in your company, you might be in a position to highlight and provide a solution.

Alternatively, dare to be different and see whether there is scope for developing a different compensation package if you are unable to get extra cash.

Famous Aquarians: Emma Bunton (Jan 21), Oprah Winfrey (Jan 29) Sven Goren-Eriksson (Feb 5)

12. The Pisces Step

Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and develop the courage to make it happen.

Don’t allow others to take advantage of you. You will not get the salary you deserve if you neglect performing the job your paid to do in order to help others!

Famous Pisceans: Elizabeth Taylor (Feb 27), Jon Bon Jovi (Mar 2)

Do you recognise something of yourself in the above? Perhaps something that you think might of held you back in the past? If so, perhaps now is the time to play at being a different star sign.

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